Saturday, February 27, 2010

Road Frame coming together

A few quick shots of Chad's welded front tri and s-bent stays are mitered.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Brazing a cable guide on a steel fork for my Mom's titanium rails to trails bike. She doesn't need 100mms of travel.

Chad's Road frame

Chad's stays are mitered. This is turning out pretty slick.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

more pics from today's adventure

Had to post more pics...

Lots of stuff coming together

Guest blogger here... I was able to scoot down the valley a little after sunrise in order to spend some time working with Hub.

After fulfilling my promise of coffee, we were able to make some final decisions on my front triangle and get to mitering. I worked at hand finishing a different set of dropouts cast by Llewellyn in Australia. Glad Hub ordered two sets so I could get on these. They look fantastic.

Other things coming together are James' Fat Wicked retro resto. Still waiting on fork decals but it is looking SWEET.

Jim Campbell's titanium seat post is ready for clamping in his frame. These are fantastic. Hub, where's mine?

Another fork is ready for canti mounts. Makes me want one. Cool.

My front triangle is now mitered and probably either tacked or being welded as I post. I can't wait to build this up.



Friday, February 19, 2010

TI Post

Sorry for the lack of posts, no pun intended. I have been busy building retro forks, ordering tubing and parts, and working on the SAE Mini Baja car for the big competition in Greensville SC at the beginning of April.

I did get Ron's proto-type TI seat post done, and he snapped a photo for me. The children managed to miss place the camera cord, yet another excuse for the lack of posts. James's fat resto is complete and will post pics as soon as I find the cord. I also did my corporate taxes, thanks to my helpful mom, good thing I built her a frame. Promise to post soon.