Wednesday, July 21, 2010

S and S couplers

I know it does not look like much, and the front triangle usually goes pretty quick, but when you are installing S and S couplers in butted TI tubing, things slow to a crawl. The couplers need to be in the right spot in the frame, which would be no problem with straight gauge tubing, but throw in butted tubes and they also need to be in the right spot in relation to the buttes. I am actually looking forward to doing the rear.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here is a pic of Clay's new/old mountain bike. It was the last EWR ever made by Innovations, and was never delivered to Jay. It is an extra small frame, with a 19" top tube length, so toe over lap is a slight problem. From the serial number, it looks as though fabrication was completed on June 5th 1997, so I am not sure if Jonny B did the welding or if it was Bill, or myself. It hung on the wall, unpainted, in the Centre Hall shop for a couple of years. One day between jobs I decided to spray some light blue met., lay down some decals, and finished it off with some matte clear. I was hoping this would motivate Bill to sell it, instead it hung on the wall in his basement for a few more years. At some point Rody grabbed it for his son, and built it up so that he could cruise the trials. Colten has since out grown this cool retro frame, so it was handed down to Clay, with the condition that when he was done with it, it would go to the guys at First Flight.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jeff's road frame and stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts, but not too many photo worthy work going on in the shop. Clay and I managed to make a trip to Ohio to see Rody and take part in the Groovy race. Thanks Rody!

Pictured above is the start of Jeff's butted TI road frame with S and S couplers.

Felt a need to give the 69er some TLC, since I have actually been riding it a bit. I added a brake stiffener, a 3rd cable guide on the TT, bead blasted the frame, updated the fork, installed a king headset, and built a custom stem. Justin at Freezethaw is building a new set of wheels. I am more than capable, but he does a killer job and has a TI frame on order.

I'll post a picture of Clay's new MTB bike when the camera is recharged. It has some cool history that the retro guys will love.