Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dumpster Fat Resto

OK, Here is a picture of the new glass bead blasting cabinet. Inside is Jame's Fat Wicked. In the second picture is the big one inch fork to go with the frame. Still need to install the paragon canti's and the silvered tabs.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mom's Rails to Trails

Here it is all built up. Still waiting on the Thompson seat post and the f der. I shimmed this one just to give it a test ride. The Reba is just to get her by until I have time to do a rigid fork. She is worried about weight, so I think I might give a go at a TI fork. I'm still kicking around a few ideas on dia. and wall thicknesses. I want to make sure I engineer a well handling fork. I'll post pics with the new fork as soon as it is done. Don't ask!, Not yet. Notice the new head tube decal for the non steel frames, also have them in baby blue.
On another note, I made a run to Millbrook NY to pick up my new glass bead blasting cabinet. I was up at 5 and drove 5 hours up and 5 back, I was so excited I had to hook it up tonight and it works great. My camera needs to be charged or I would have posted a picture of it as well. Will post again soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Head Tube Badge

Took a couple of hours today to build a tool that fits in my press to roll the stainless steel HCs that get silvered onto all my steel frames. I used a couple of shoulder bolts as guide pins to keep the bottom and top die in line. The hardest part is remember which side is up, I have one or two that look nice if you are looking in your rear view mirror. Happy to say it works really nice, it rolls it perfect for the silver job. The badge will get a quick sanding between each coat of paint, and polished before the final clear. This one will be going on Ron S's hardtail 29er.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nothing to do with bike frames

Every once and a while you need to slow down and look around. I'm not big on sweets, so this was my dessert tonight.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dumpster Fat

My friend James of the north happen to find this Fat Wicked in the trash. It has a couple of issues, but all and all, there is something to work with here. Rody says I should post stuff like this on my blog, so this one is for him. First issue, Deore XT steel post was froze in the seat tube. If it had been an aluminum post I would have drilled it out on the lathe, as seen in another posting. However this is 10 times harder to do with a steel post without running the drill though the side of the seat tube. Plan B:
1. Cut post a half inch from the top of the seat tube.
2. Weld 1/4 plate to end of post.
3. Strap clamp the plate to left side of mill table.
4. Throw large tractor chain over main beam running through the center of the shop.
5. Attach chain to all thread and spacers running through bottom bracket.
6. Lower mill table until the whole milling machine is almost hanging from beam.
7. Apply just enough heat with propane torch to burn the paint.
8. Wiggle frame by head tube.
Post out! Still undefeated.

The Wicked also needs new canti mounts, a Big One Inch fork, midnight blue paint, and some decals and she will be up and running again.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

TI 29'er Hardtail

This is what my welding table looks like when I'm really work. Sorry I have not been better about posting on the blog. This frame just needs a couple of cable stops and it will be ready for the scotch bright pad. That's right, no paint. The customer does a lot of rails to trails where they load bikes into horse trailers and she was always concerned about the paint on her steel Hubcap. The polished TI finish won't fall victim to chipping and can be easily polished to make it look new again.
Up next, Ron S's Columbus Zona 29er hardtail. Still trying to figure out top tube configuration to achieve a 30" stand over. I have a few options, I just want to make sure we pick the strongest, cleanest option. Ron is planning on riding the Wilderness 101, and would like to document this build for his scrap book, so I plan on shooting lots of pictures of his project.