Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mom's Rails to Trails

Here it is all built up. Still waiting on the Thompson seat post and the f der. I shimmed this one just to give it a test ride. The Reba is just to get her by until I have time to do a rigid fork. She is worried about weight, so I think I might give a go at a TI fork. I'm still kicking around a few ideas on dia. and wall thicknesses. I want to make sure I engineer a well handling fork. I'll post pics with the new fork as soon as it is done. Don't ask!, Not yet. Notice the new head tube decal for the non steel frames, also have them in baby blue.
On another note, I made a run to Millbrook NY to pick up my new glass bead blasting cabinet. I was up at 5 and drove 5 hours up and 5 back, I was so excited I had to hook it up tonight and it works great. My camera needs to be charged or I would have posted a picture of it as well. Will post again soon.

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