Friday, July 16, 2010

Jeff's road frame and stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts, but not too many photo worthy work going on in the shop. Clay and I managed to make a trip to Ohio to see Rody and take part in the Groovy race. Thanks Rody!

Pictured above is the start of Jeff's butted TI road frame with S and S couplers.

Felt a need to give the 69er some TLC, since I have actually been riding it a bit. I added a brake stiffener, a 3rd cable guide on the TT, bead blasted the frame, updated the fork, installed a king headset, and built a custom stem. Justin at Freezethaw is building a new set of wheels. I am more than capable, but he does a killer job and has a TI frame on order.

I'll post a picture of Clay's new MTB bike when the camera is recharged. It has some cool history that the retro guys will love.

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