Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow, Thats Red

Can't wait to see this one built up and rolling down the road with the sun bouncing of the metallic red. It starts by bead blasting the frame in my cabinet to completely clean the surface to prepare it for the primer. It then gets 3 coats of PPG epoxy primer, and then a wet sand to prep it for the base coat. 3 coats of pure gold base, followed by the Sunset Red tinted clear. I lost count of how may coats, but did manage to use up almost half a quart of an unopened can. Then the decals go down and I start shooting the clear. 2-3 coats and then a final wet sand and 2 more coats of clear to finish it up. I was cruising the forums(V-Salon) the other day and a builder claimed he has $35 in material costs for a paint job. Wish I had his deal on paint. That half a quart of tinted red cost me $64. That would leave $3 for primer, base coat and clear. Hmmm.

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