Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day of stays

I was contacted by a fellow builder that wanted to build his own press and was wondering if I was willing to share the specs on mine. I e-mailed him some dimensions and said I would post some pics on the blog. So Joe, the first 4 pics are for you, hope they help.
A good part of the day was spent on TI stays. The chain stays started out as Haynes 7/8 dia.x .032 wall. After rough cutting them to length, I load them into the press to ovalize the BB end and make a smooth transition to round on the drop out end.

Once the chain stays are flattened, onto bending. This is the first bend, for tire clearance. I forgot to take a picture of the second bend. I must of got wrapped up in all the excitement.
There is a stop on the bender to make sure that both stays are bent the same amount. I also have a stop for length, although it is not in this picture.

I was so excited I forgot to snap pics of mitering as well. Oh well, maybe the next frame. Here the chain stays are loaded into the jig

Onto seat stays. The pair of stays have been S bent up and loaded into the mitering fixture. The cool thing about this jig is that when I adjust the length, the pair of stays maintain the center line of the jig.


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  1. Hub:

    Thanks very much for the dimensions on the press. I'm pulling steel out of my rack right now and will begin making this clever little press. Good of you to help a fellow frame builder out ~ much appreciated.