Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tough weekend

I was hoping to get a ton of work done this weekend. I started by shooting final clear on 2 bars and 1 fork, no problem. Went to do the fusion pass on the front triangle of a TI 29er, no argon for the back purge, problem on Saturday morning. Richard at B and B reproductions was nice enough to hook me up with a cylinder at 10am. Got rolling on the fusion pass, started on the filler pass and couldn't establish an arc. I recalled Rody had a similar problem and it was the torch cables. Thought I was done until Bill called and told me he had an extra set that I could use to trouble shoot. Bam, back in business. So tomorrow is a big trip to the welding supply store to pick up argon, weld mold 880, and a new torch. I did manage to rework Jess's binder bolt in preparation for nationals in Truckee CA. Hope she kicks some butt after winning her last three races.

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